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Do you remember that moment you looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize the face? Do you feel like time is flying by and you’re caught in its wings? This honest, straight from the soul book will resonate with every woman who is struggling with growing older and learning to embrace it.


“With No Regrets - Getting Older: Face It, Live It, Love It” (release date August 2019 from The Three Tomatoes Publishing, available exclusively for sale on Amazon). In these beautifully written essays and poems, Jane Goldman shares her thoughts about life—often how she was feeling about hers at any given time, or what her friends were feeling about theirs—whether it was about growing older, relationships, careers, friendships, or loss. Basically, the stuff of life. Other pieces are her somewhat quirky observations about life. Her writings started as a way for her right brain to exercise itself as her left brain did most of the work as a corporate attorney by day. At the urging of some friends, she decided to turn them into a book of reflections in the hopes that other women will also laugh and nod and see themselves in this journey of life too.


A witty and sharp observer of life, Jane H. Goldman reveals universal fears and thoughts about growing older and freeing ourselves from the expectations of others. She looks within and realizes how often she lived her life being what others wanted her to be—parents, lovers, friends, employers. She’s not afraid to examine fears of growing older; vanity and greed; lovers who were right and wrong; choices made along the way; loss and grief; regrets; and most of all learning to live life fully and living it as herself. In these beautiful and cleverly written essays and poetry, you’ll find insights and inspiration for your own journey and living a life without regrets.